Portions of archives collections added to digital library

CHARLESTON—The Office of Archives and Records Management at the Diocese of Charleston announced that it recently added digitized portions of its collections to the Lowcountry Digital Library (http://lcdl.library.cofc.edu/contributing-institution/diocese-charleston-archives).

The additions include three Camp St. Mary scrapbooks, 1934-1966; and the Bishop Patrick Lynch Confederate Commissioner Papers, 1864-1865.

The Diocese of Charleston established Camp St. Mary on the Okatee [sic] River near Beaufort as a catechetical camp from 1928 to the early 1980s. The scrapbooks include a large number of photographs of campers, staff, and grounds.

In the section on Most. Rev. Patrick Lynch, third bishop of Charleston, it tells how he was named special commissioner of the Confederate States of America by President Jefferson Davis, and then broke the Union naval blockade to seek Pope Pius IX’s diplomatic recognition of the confederacy. Failing his mission, he was exiled in Europe until he received a pardon after the Civil War. The Commissioner Papers include appointment letters from President Davis to Bishop Lynch and a pardon from President Andrew Johnson.

For more information, contact Brian Fahey, diocesan archivist, at 843-410-1720 or bfahey@catholic-doc.org.