Bishops find support and encouragement at province meeting

Atlanta Province Bishops' Meeting

SAVANNAH, GA.— The 2016 Atlanta Province Bishops’ Meeting was held June 28 in the Diocese of Savannah recently.

Archbishop Wilton D. GregoryThe bishops from the Dioceses of Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh, Savannah, and the Archdiocese of Atlanta gathered at the Catho­lic Pastoral Center.

Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer welcomed the prelates who included: Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, Archdiocese of Atlanta; Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv., Diocese of Savannah; Bishop J. Kevin Boland, Bishop Emeritus Diocese of Savannah; Bishop Michael Burbidge, Dio­cese of Raleigh; Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone, Diocese of Charles­ton; Bishop Peter Jugis, Diocese of Charlotte; Bishop David Talley, auxiliary bishop of Atlanta; and Bishop Luis Zarama, auxiliary bishop of Atlanta.

The bishops gather for fellow­ship, prayer and business that strengthens the local churches, Archbishop Gregory said. Be­cause they face many of the same pastoral challenges they also sup­port and encourage one another.

“I think it’s another indication that, as Pope Francis has said to the whole Church, we need to accompany each other. We’re trying to follow the Lord, we’re doing the best we can and we need to move forward in faith together,” the archbishop said.

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