Pastoral formation enters second phase

Pastoral formation will begin its second year with a gathering of Chancery employees in the diocesan pastoral center on Sept. 7.

Franciscan Sister Kathy Adamski, manager of the initiative created by Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone, said the second year will focus on the meaning and nature of the Church, as discussed by Cardinal Avery Dull­es in “Models of the Church”. She said the sessions will encompass a look at the different parishes, which model they follow, and the positives of each, plus areas of opportunity.

Sister Kathy will also present the seven sacraments and their meaning in today’s world.

“I’m looking forward to growing in faith with all, and passing on the wonderful faith of the Catholic Church,” she said.

Sister Kathy is enthusiastic about her role in pastoral formation, and said traveling to the different churches in the diocese allowed her to meet so many people, and she was uplifted by the spirit-filled men and women she encountered, adding that the experience was a gift.

She expects the second year will be even more enjoyable because she has gotten to know people and they have grown to know her and her passion for the faith, she said.

The continuing education program is for all employees in the various parishes and agencies of the Diocese of Charleston. Sister Kathy said it stems from Vatican II, which chal­lenged people to fulfill the call they received through the sacraments of baptism and confirmation and serve the Church in their various capacities.

Many employees in the diocese are of other faiths, and the goal of pastoral formation is to help them understand the tenets of the Church. It is also designed to help Catholics realize their role in comprehending, professing and living the faith, she explained.

Each new session expands on the first year, which focused on devel­oping a personal relationship with Christ and how each person’s job can reflect the face of Jesus and serve as a continuation of His teachings.

In the third year, which will be in 2017, Sister Kathy said she plans to explain the meaning of the social teachings of the Church, and how that should influence one’s role in ministry and in society.

The year-three sessions will also define morality, distinguish eth­ics from morality, and explain the meaning of laws in morality. Par­ticipants will also learn who has the authority to determine Church moral teaching.