Sisters of Charity Foundation honors Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone with Leadership in Diversity Award

COLUMBIA—The Sisters of Charity Foundation presented its 2016 Leadership in Diversity Award to Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina believes diverse voices should be present, active, listened to and valued. The foundation fosters a respectful, inclusive, open environment with varying viewpoints, strengths and assets. In our grant-making and community engagement strategies, we work to ensure no person is excluded from participation or services due to discrimination or prejudice.

reg-official-portrait-02-webAs part of our ongoing commitment to our values, each year we recognize an individual or organization that illustrates exemplary performance in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion with our Leadership in Diversity Award. This year the award went to Bishop Guglielmone, who embodies all these qualities and more. The bishop is a true believer in diversity, equity, and inclusion and we are beyond proud to announce him as the 2016 Leadership in Diversity Award Winner.

“Bishop Guglielmone was chosen for the Leadership in Diversity Award because he represents a commitment to social justice and diversity issues across South Carolina,” said Tom Keith, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina president. “His passionate work around immigration reform plus human trafficking has been truly fantastic. His leadership role in other important issues such as equality and fairness resonates with so many people. We are honored to be able to provide him with this award for 2016.”

Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is a reflective, ongoing, deepening process that requires courage, integrity, transparency and accountability. Rooted in our respect for the inherent dignity of all people, we believe these values will help lead to a stronger, more vibrant, welcoming, just and equitable state. We invite others on the collective journey toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion for all.

Miscellany photo: Bishop Guglielmone joins members of Catholic Charities and others from the community to bless the opening of the immigration office in Mount Pleasant in 2013. Catholic Charities also has immigration offices in Greenville and on Hilton Head Island.