Bishop Guglielmone grants dispensation from Sunday Mass

DIOCESE—Due to the forecasted impact of Hurricane Florence, and the unpredictable track of the storm, Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone has granted a dispensation from Sunday Mass obligation on Sept. 15 (Vigil) and Sunday, Sept. 16, for all Catholics living in the Diocese of Charleston. This dispensation is granted because the state of emergency may prevent them from getting to their church or conditions pose a danger to their safety.

It is left to the pastor’s or administrator’s discretion at each parish or mission to decide when or if Masses will be offered over the weekend. The diocese encourages the faithful to contact their parish to find out when Masses will be offered or if they have been cancelled.

The dispensation from the bishop is not an instruction to cancel or limit Masses, but to allow pastors the ability to make use of their own judgement with regard to the availability of Masses and to deal with safety concerns for themselves and their parishioners.

Please pray for the safety of all those who may be in harm’s way, as well as for all military and medical personnel and first responders.