Speaker tells women at St. Joseph’s to unite in the Holy Spirit’s power

Laura Boronski, center, talks with women after her presentation held Jan. 18 at St. Joseph Church in Anderson. (Provided)

ANDERSON—Laura Boronski opened her talk to a group of Upstate women by praising them not for giving up half of their Saturday to come hear her, but for being “warriors.”

“It’s amazing to see this room filled with super-natural beings,” Boronski said to the nearly 100 women gathered at St. Joseph Church recently. They were there to participate in the parish’s first seminar on Catholic Women Serving.

Raised in New York in a household that included 13 children, Boronski said Scripture arms Catholics with the tools they need to conquer temptation.

“We women are so good at multi-tasking, trying to do everything,” she said. “But it’s the devil that loves to keep us busy, to keep us away from our house and our families.”

Boronski and her husband, Jeff, live in Loris, a 40-minute drive north of Myrtle Beach. In addition to leading seminars on empowering Catholic women, she is the mother of nine children, a singer and a songwriter. Her message is drawn from a mix of instruction, testimonial and music.

She said women have specific and unique, God-given tools.

“I don’t know how aware you are of the power you have just by being a woman,” Boronski said. “The strength we have when we tap into the power of the Holy Spirit is other-worldly,” especially when one woman unites with others.

“When we connect with the Holy Spirit, our powers are multiplied. That is when we can completely change what is around us,” she said. 

Despite the spiritual battle women face in today’s culture, knowing where and whom they are allows women to meet and overcome the challenges.

“Our world is in a spiritual crisis, and we women can affect so many people through our ministries and families,” Boronski said.

Whether in public, in the workplace, or in their homes, spiritually driven women lead by example and accomplish great things in unexpected places and moments.

“You don’t have to go to another country to do great things,” she said. “It’s in our daily duties here, the little, daily things, that we are sanctified.”

A self-proclaimed “daughter of Christ,” Boronski said women need to be open to the ways of the Holy Spirit, to a gracious God who works in the faithful through Scripture.

“Our armor is the Word of God,” she told the women. “Read it every day.

“We are conduits of the Holy Spirit,” Boronski said, and the power to connect with the Church comes from the Mass. Women who are “out there fighting the good fight,” need the Mass, she said.

“Bring your broken, miserable, worn-out self to Jesus. Let God love you,” Boronski said. 

Brenda Thompson, who chairs St. Joseph’s Catholic Women Serving, said Boronski’s presentation was inspiring. It included an afternoon break-out session followed by praying the rosary in the church.

“This day was a true pleasure,” Thompson said.

Catholic Women Serving’s community outreach includes 10 programs in the Anderson area. It also sponsors fundraisers for the parish, its school, and the community.