35 men in line for upcoming diaconate ordinations

JOHNS ISLAND—Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone will ordain 35 men to the permanent diaconate this year. These candidates come to the vocation from a wide variety of professions including engineers, business owners, managers, teachers, and retirees. Even a chief of police and a rural letter carrier.

Two ordinations will be held: the first on Jan. 30 at 11 a.m. in Holy Spirit Church on Johns Island, and a second on Feb. 6 at 11 a.m. at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Simpsonville.

As members of the clergy, deacons are called to serve. They bring the Word to the poor, the aged, the sick, and the imprisoned. They proclaim the Gospel and preach at liturgical celebrations, provide catechetical instruction, adult faith formation, and sacramental preparation. They assist priests during Mass, administer baptisms, witness marriages, preside at funerals and wakes, officiate at benedictions, and lead community prayer services.

Deacon Andre Guillet, diocesan director of the diaconate formation program, cautioned the soon-to-be ordained not to become altar servers.

“Deacons are to be the reflection of Christ, serving and washing the feet of others,” he said.

“There are so many joys,” he added. “People caring for you, the joy of doing baptisms, witnessing weddings, helping people getting an annulment.”

Men who seek the ministry must complete four years of study and many must balance jobs and family responsibilities during the process.

“Do not forget that your priority is your family, second is your job, and third is your diaconate,” Deacon Andre said. “You will only be successful if you spend time in prayer, in retreats and continuing education.”

Each wife is an integral part of the process because her consent, support and understanding of the diaconate ministry is essential to her husband’s success. Deacon Andre reminded the men that they are to be mindful of their wives feelings.

“She will sit in the church by herself now,” he said.


The following men will be ordained on Jan. 30. The Upstate group will be featured in the next edition of The Miscellany.

Harvey Becker-webName: Harvey Becker (59)
Parish: St. John the Beloved, Summerville
Pastor/Administrator: Msgr. Chet Moczydlowski
Spouse name: Jennifer
Children: Two (five grandchildren, and another on the way)
Profession: Chief of police




Robert Boackle-webName: Robert Boackle (70)
Parish: Christ Our King, Mount Pleasant
Pastor/Administrator: Msgr. James Carter
Spouse name: Martha
Children: Three (four grandchildren)
Profession: Retired




Stephen Brown-webName: Steven Brown (57)
Parish: St. Thomas More, Columbia
Pastor/Administrator: Father Marcin Zahuta
Spouse name: Suni
Children: Two
Profession: Accounting manager




Kevin Campbell-webName: Kevin Campbell (67)
Parish: Christ Our King, Mount Pleasant
Pastor/Administrator: Msgr. James Carter
Spouse name: Martha
Children: Two (three grandchildren)
Profession: Bankruptcy attorney




Leland Cave-webName: Leland Cave (41)
Parish: St. Martin de Porres, Columbia
Pastor/Administrator: Father Michael Okere
Spouse name: Arnetha
Children: Two
Profession: Inspector




Robert Cox-webName: Robert Cox (62)
Parish: St. Anne, Florence
Pastor/Administrator: Father Noel Tria
Spouse name: Sue
Children: Two (four grandchildren)
Profession: Rural letter carrier




Kurt Herbst-webName: Kurt Herbst (53)
Parish: Blessed Sacrament, Charleston
Pastor/Administrator: Father Joseph Romanoski
Spouse name: Carol
Children: Two
Profession: Engineer




Fred Knowles-webName: Fred Knowles (43)
Parish: Sacred Heart, Gaffney
Pastor/Administrator: Father Michael McCafferty
Spouse name: Amanda
Children: One
Profession: Theater/set design at Limestone College




Jose Mayen-webName: Jose Mayen (53)
Parish: Immaculate Conception, Goose Creek
Pastor/Administrator: Father Jason Caganap, CRM
Spouse name: Monica
Children: Four (three grandchildren)
Profession: Cleaning company owner




John Murphy-webName: John Murphy (54)
Parish: Immaculate Conception, Goose Creek
Pastor/Administrator: Father Jason Caganap, CRM
Spouse name: Wanda
Children: Three (one grandchild)
Profession: Service operations manager




Stephen Platte-webName: Stephen Platte (46)
Parish: St. Mary Help of Christians, Aiken
Pastor/Administrator: Father Greg Wilson
Spouse name: Kimberly
Children: 11
Profession: Emergency medicine physician




Michael Reagan-webName: Michael Regan (53)
Parish: St. Theresa the Little Flower, Summerville
Pastor/Administrator: Msgr. Ed Lofton
Spouse name: Beth
Children: Five
Profession: Chiropractic physician




salazar bright-webName: Gustavo Salazar (41)
Parish: St. Peter, Cheraw
Pastor/Administrator: Father David Michael
Spouse name: Veronica
Children: None
Profession: Engineer




Joe Stocker (2)-webName: Joseph Stocker (71)
Parish: Holy Spirit, Johns Island
Pastor/Administrator: Msgr. Charles Rowland
Spouse name: Mary Ellen
Children: Two
Profession: Retired




John Tempesco-webName: John Tempesco (59)
Parish: Transfiguration, Blythewood
Pastor/Administrator: Father Andrew Trapp
Spouse name: Georgia
Children: Two (six grandchildren)
Profession: Director of cyber security




Mike Woodall-webName: Michael Woodall (48)
Parish: St. Anthony, Florence
Pastor/Administrator: Father Robert Morey
Spouse name: Dawn
Children: Six
Profession: Sales manager




Michael Younginer-webName: Michael Younginer (57)
Parish: St. Peter, Columbia
Pastor/Administrator: Father Gary Linsky
Spouse name: Bonnie
Children: Two
Profession: President, Younginer Engineered Products




Read more for a list of men who will be ordained on Feb. 6.


Diaconate ordinations

Jan. 30  |  11 a.m.
Holy Spirit, Johns Island
(17 ordinands)

Feb. 6  |  11 a.m.
St. Mary Magdalene, Simpsonville
(18 ordinands)