SSCM welcomes new associates

DANVILLE, Pa.—The Sisters of Sts. Cyril and Methodius welcomed 11 new associates from the Diocese of Charleston, S.C., on May 7. Associate members share the faith, prayer, congregational spirituality, charism and mission of the sisters. The new associates serve with the sisters working in Bluffton and St. Helena Island. All of the new associates are active in a variety of  volunteer ministries at St. Gregory the Great Church and/or School, and many also volunteer at the St. Francis Center on St. Helena Island and outreach in the community.
Since the beginning of the SSCM Associate program in 1987 in Harrisburg, Pa., Christian women and men continue to enter into this covenant relationship.
The inductees include (front, left to right) Patricia Vacchi, Lidia Marques, Judy Moleski, Gladys Servat and Linda Walker; and (back, left to right) Kathy Campbell, Judy Tessier, Betty Haddad, Nancy Kuykendall and Darlene Polk. Not pictured: Pat Lifritz.

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